Time for a new chapter

There is something magical about creating a concept for a play; writing the words and then refining the characters into something that is entertaining and memorable.

Since 2008, we have brought to life William F. Cody, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Pecos Bill and the reporter Elloit Longfellow.  Audience reaction has been rewarding and made the journey always worthwhile.  The final result has been something we all have been proud to put our names on.

As you can imagine, coordinating around work obligations, contracting with the theaters, marketing the show, selling tickets, set-up and teardown all add to the overall time spent to put on a show.   The time commitment has required many of us to miss family events, birthdays, fathers’s day celebrations and more.

New offers to do the show have been coming from further distances, requiring even more sacrafice of vacation time and expense to put on a performance.  While the opportunities have been exciting, the reality is that our group was not able to adjust to the realities of our work lives.  Because of this, it was decided that the show in Lakeville this past September was the last performance with the current cast of “In the Company of Legends”.

A few of us will be working on new show ideas and cowboy entertainment, so keep your eyes on this blog for updates.

To all of you who have supported our show and us with your enthusiasm, comments and applause.  Thank you so much for giving us incredible memories!








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