About the Company

Frontier Legends Entertainment was formed in 2010 to provide authentic period entertainment featuring the era 1865-1910 for theaters and special events.  Our first Production, “In The company of Legends” ran from 2008 until 2014 and played numerous theaters and venues in the upper Midwest.  Our new show is in production and will release soon!

The Outfits

Each character created by Frontier Legends Entertainment is historically accurate, and in many cases the items are antiques from the era.  Outfits worn by the actors have been painstakingly researched and represent the character in the time period presented.


All of our shows are based on historic and time period events.  Many of the stories in our shows are things people have heard of, but may not have absorbed the importance of how they shaped our American experience.  “History Lessons”, often lack the personalization of the character who was actually there – living it.


As many audiences have stated “I never knew history could be so fun”


Our shows vary from 20 to 90 minutes


Adam Lindquist –  adam@bigstickmarketing.com  or 612-385-2926


Frontier Legends Entertainment

All of our work is original and are copyrighted.


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  1. So proud! This is awesome!

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