Our Actors:


Adam Lindquist.

Adam Portrays many old west Characters including Nate Salsbury, manager of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.  He is most known for his depiction of Theodore Roosevelt.

Adam comes to the stage with experience in stage, tv and radio.  His work includes life on TV and radio as “The Bread Guy” for Panera Bread restaurants.


Col. William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody – Tom Doroff

Tom is a nationally recognized Buffalo Bill impersonator.  His stage work includes off Broadway musicals, a national musical recording artist intermission act, and the Denver Stock Show as the great man himself.




Scott McNurlin

Scott is an accomplished stage actor who can portray Bat Masterson, recite cowboy poetry or sing a song while playing the “gitar”.  Versatile and talented, Scott is a high demand old west entertainer.





One response to “Actors

  1. Absolutely loved your show as you could tell! I look forward to seeing you all again. Will tell my friends and FB friends about your next show wherever it may be!

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